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April 4th, 2014

Its no secretcosmetic surgery world that American citizens are avid fans and patients of cosmetic surgeries in Portland Oregon and the rest of the nation. These surgeries are absolutely everywhere stateside in every group you could think of, from highschoolers up through grandma and grandpa. What might come as a surprise, is just how common and popular some of these same treatments are in foreign nations. Our southern neighbors in Mexico, as an example, are the biggest purchasers of bariatric surgery in the entire planet.

Down Under, under the Knife

The reputations of australian breast implants and lifts, and the associated surgeons, has stretched across the outback and the ocean, pulling in millions for the economy from American surgical touring peoples. The korean surgeons know their way around the facial surgeries and nose jobs, but if you’re looking for perfection in breasts you might want to consider talking to an Aussie surgical specialist. Australians seem to know how to achieve the ideal breast implants, and its no surprise when you consider the demand for it down under and all across the pacific islands.

Always research into as many doctors as possible and find the one most experienced for your procedure to achieve the best outomes. Most clients will see a list like the one below and realize the best surgeon for their procedure might not live in the same town as them, don’t rule out traveling for your surgery.

Greek Surprise

Whats the common surgery for the Greek isles? The ever popular breast augmentation and the penis enlargement procedure surgeries. Greece is definitely one of the last European countries you might think of seeing on a post such as this – their economy certainly doesn’t reflect a cosmetically demanding populous. Still, what might be surprising even more is that Greece comes in second for plastic surgeries per capita, only behind S. Korea with their landflood of a lead. The Globalization of the world’s different cultures and industries make major movements like this possible – making unexpected industries pop up into new environments.

Thailands Budget Surgery

Budget surgeonsthailand surgery there are most well known for getting rid of almost any signs of surgery including scar tissues. In the cut throat world of Thailand’s education, social circles, and working worlds theres absolutely always a way to improve every angle of your existence. All the focus on business and study has forced the Thai to compromise their physical bodies, and as such the average weight in the country has shot up. Because of this, the most popular cosmetic procedure in Thailand is the liposuction, by a massive margin. Not everyone may call this nation to mind when they think liposuction but its actually one of the best places to get this surgery done and done well.

Master Race of Surgeons

Koreans are the most statistically likely people to seek out a plastic surgery and have the most surgeries per capita anywhere in the entire planet. This Asian peninsula has some of the absolute best plastic surgeons in the world, and many clients make the trip every year to receive the famous Korean facelift procedure. The outcomes of Korean surgeons are undeniable, just their typical local advertisements display almost unbelievable outcomes from their knives. Surgery in South Korea will cost you, some of the top surgeons in the Gangnam district charge upwards of 10k for even minor procedures and surgeries.


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